The power of plain English writing!

My name is Mick McKellar. I am a writer, a retired editor, and sometimes...a poet. For more than forty years it has been both my pleasure and my pain to read documents which attempt to inflame, inform, influence, and/or infatuate readers. More often than I care to admit, I was unable to understand what the writer was saying or to conclude he or she was saying anything at all. Whether it was a book, an article, a business letter, advertising copy, an essay, a blog posting, or even a poem, I was left wondering if I was missing some inside knowledge or special insight necessary to decipher the writer's words. Was the writer hiding something, confused, or simply demonstrating a lack of knowledge?

Perhaps, but I believe that most often well-intentioned writers just fail to communicate clearly with their intended audience due to use of jargon, shorthand writing, and overly complex sentence constructions.

The solution: write clearly in plain English. Take the low road, but do a first-class job of your construction and delivery. Plain does not mean boring or insultingly simple. In this case, plain means understandable, accessible, well-organized, technically correct, and unadorned English that communicates exactly what you mean to say.

Throughout my more than forty years of writing professionally in a wide variety of jobs, I have endeavored to present my thoughts clearly and in an organized form. I now wish to help others understand the quiet power of plain English writing. 

Delivering your content on-line can be a daunting task. Google Apps and Sites has made working, collaborating, and establishing a Web presence a much simpler and less expensive proposition. I've been working with G-mail and Google Apps since they began, and I can help you transition to these useful and inexpensive tools.

How may I help you?

Need help writing an article, writing content for your Web site, or a grant proposal? Need someone to review your content and offer suggestions and recommendations to improve the syntax, grammar, flow, and internal structure of the material? Need someone to coach and/or tutor a writer of any age who is struggling with written communication?

If these or similar concerns confront you or those you wish to help, I can be of service. Please note the headings in the navigation column to the left of this page. I offer services as:
  • A Writer
    As a freelance writer, I can write an article or Web content for you on any topic, with information you provide or, in some cases, based on research I do for you. I can ghost write or co-write for you. There are many options, please let me know what you need.

  • An Editor
    As a freelance editor, I can review your content for syntax, grammar, style, flow, connectivity, and organization. I can map that content for your review, and reorganize, re-write, or recommend changes.

  • A Google Apps/Sites Consultant
    Making a switch to Google Apps and using Google Sites to support and host your Web site can be a daunting task. I can work with you to set up and use these powerful and free tools.

  • A Writing Coach and/or Tutor
    As a writing coach and tutor, I can work with anyone from middle school to middle age and beyond, to improve their writing, planning, researching, and reporting skills.
Please click on the links in the left column for more information in each area. If you have writing-related needs outside these specific areas, please contact me.