A Writing Coach and/or Tutor
As a writing coach and tutor, I can work with anyone from middle school to middle age and beyond, to improve their writing, planning, researching, and reporting skills.
Writing Tutoring / Writing Coaching
Despite the best efforts of intelligent and capable teachers, broad and well-designed curricula, and billions of dollars poured into governmental programs and policies, some students need individual attention to help them develop and enhance the quality of their required and elective writing.

New writers and writers of long experience will discover challenges in getting started on or organizing a project, in overcoming the "writer's block," and with developing the skills needed to transition from writing for traditional print to electronic media.

I can help with consulting on specific projects or work individually with those who need to develop or fine-tune their writing skills. In the Keweenaw area of Upper Michigan, these service may be provided in person. Otherwise, I will work with you on-line.