An Editor
As a freelance editor, I can review your content for syntax, grammar, style, flow, connectivity, and organization. I can map that content for your review, and reorganize, re-write, or recommend changes.
What is an Editor?
I general, a freelance editor is someone who checks, corrects, and perfects written materials, articles, and content. A developmental editor works with a fiction or non-fiction writer to improve the basic concept of a book, an article or other content -- adjusting its focus, structure, style, and narrative voice. An editor will also help define style of prose to allow writing to be more effective and fluent.

I can provide freelance editing (developmental and copyediting) for print and on-line publications. Need a quick proofread or a complete and thorough line-by-line edit? Need a content mapping, an analysis, or a developmental read-through? I will read a your content, article, or manuscript with a critical eye and report my findings as general recommendations or a complete line edit.