A Writer
As a freelance writer, I can write an article or Web content for you on any topic, with information your provide or, in some cases, based on research I do for you. I can ghost write or co-write for you. There are many options, please let me know what you need.
Who is a Writer?
Anyone who puts words together to communicate in print form, whether he or she uses ink on paper or e-ink on a screen is a writer. It may be for the pure enjoyment of creative expression, for a volunteer effort, or for payment. Paid writers work for businesses in need of their skills, for example, a newspaper, a magazine, a non-profit organization seeking a grant, or any business needing advertising copy. Freelance writers are independent contractors, self-employed word-smiths who select their own style, hours, speed and which jobs to take.

I have long experience writing for federal, state, university, and non-profit employers. I have written successful research proposals, grant requests, strategic plans, newsletters, articles, press releases, essays, blog postings, documentation, advertising copy, and business correspondence. Let me use my skills to help you meet your challenges.